Standard and customized ice cream solutions

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All your ice cream needs in one place. Here is why we are the preferred ice cream supplier for the some the UAE's leading hospitality establishments.

Best Raw Material
We source the best raw material from Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Turkey and locally to formulate the best recipe for your needs at the best prices that suites your business.
Flexible Packing Options
Whether you need to display the ice cream, or keep it in back storage. Whether you have space for 5 liter tubs, or needs smaller 4 liter, or 2 liter tubs. We have the options for you to choose from.
Prompt Deliveries
We manage our our fleet for distribution across the UAE to assure on time deliveries to our customers so that they never be out of stock and face revenue losses. Emergency same day shipments can also be arranged.
Standard and Custom Flavors
While most of our ice standard ice cream meet over 90% of our customers' needs. We still work closely with our customers to customize any flavors that they may need for specific menus and dishes.

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